What are the Benefits of using Rotarad?

The key benefit of Rotarad is accessibility. Fitting the Rotarad conversion kit to a radiator will then allow it to be rotated away from the wall, either hanging from a bracket or resting parallel to the floor. This allows cleaning or decorating to be performed in areas which would otherwise be inaccessible, without the need to drain or remove the radiator from it’s connecting valves.

Having clearer access significantly improves cleaning and decorating quality, while also helping to reduce cost overheads by removing the need to use any specialised equipment. Rotarad can easily be fitted onto a new radiator prior to it’s installation, or retrofitted onto an existing one. It is also compatible with standard or double Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators with or without casings.

NHS guidelines state that radiators should be cleaned on a weekly basis, and that any radiator guards should also be removed as part of the cleaning regime. Assuming a cleaning team costs £15 per hour, we can produce a cost/benefit analysis example for hospitals to demonstrate how using Rotarad can significantly reduce the cost of cleaning LST radiators:

How an average hospital can save over 85% on cleaning costs alone with Rotarad:

  • Traditional cleaning of LST Radiators and Covers:

  • Commonly requires 2 cleaning operatives to remove a radiator cover

  • Average time of 45 minutes to remove LST casing, clean it internally, clean the radiator, the surrounding wall, the floor and refit the casing. The only way to deep clean the back of the radiator would be by removing it

  • 7 hour working day = 8 LST radiators cleaned per day

  • 2 people per radiator from the deep clean team

  • Would require 8 people over 5 days to meet the NHS weekly cleaning guidelines

  • Annual cleaning cost of £218,400 per annum

  • – Based on 150 Radiators

  • Deep cleaning LST Radiators and Covers using Rotarad:

  • 1 cleaning operative can open the radiator casings

  • Average time of 5 minutes to open and clean every internal surface of an LST radiator and its casing, including the back of the radiator and all of the wall space behind. No special equipment needed

  • 7 hour working day = 42 cleaned per day (allowing 5 mins per radiator)

  • Only 1 person required per radiator from the deep clean team

  • 1 person could clean 150 radiators in 3 and a half days

  • Annual cleaning cost of £19,500 per annum (85% less)

  • – Based on 150 Radiators

Annual savings of £198,900 on cleaning costs alone

We can see how Rotarad helps reduce cleaning costs for industry sectors that require regular facility deep cleaning. However these cost benefits can be applied to the general maintenance, decoration and upkeep of any home or office building.

The deep cleaning of radiators helps to improve indoor air quality within buildings. This is something we are researching into and have found to be an ever increasing problem. Many businesses fail to recognise the danger of unhygienic radiators and don’t thoroughly clean behind their office radiators because the time and cost of removing and refitting them is simply too great. The following table demonstrates how Rotarad simply removes this issue:

Standard Radiator

Rotarad Radiator

Remove 30mins

Release 30secs

Refit 15mins

Re-engage 30secs

Total Average 45mins

Total Average 1min

Average removal cost £50 per radiator

After installation – no ongoing cost

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